Jon's Journey to Author and storyteller. Beginning with"Bokuru," 
passing the gift to Barbara...
“We were like twins,” Barbara says of her relationship with her late brother, “We just happened to be born five years apart.
Jon’s death in 2004 was not the beginning of her struggle. In 2000, Jon, a dedicated workaholic attorney, suffered a brainstem stroke. With diligence and focused determination in the wake of her own medical struggles, Barbara brought Jon back from a comatose state and to a new creative, productive lifestyle.  Thanks to her perseverance and belief in “The Process,” she succeeded. Together, the brother and sister team worked on a variety of literary projects after Jon’s stroke.  Beginning with BOKURU (authorHouse, June 2005), they tell the tale of an archaelogiclal mystery where Jim Henderson and Nancy Bronston  search for clues in the mysterious death of her father, a world famous archaeologist working in a fictional East African country.  When Jon passed in June 2004, Barbara continued, fulfilling her promise to Jon to complete their works, publishing BOKURU on the anniversary of his passing.  In BOKURU, Jim finds himself embroiled in an investigation tying a modern death to an ancient death discovered in the archaeological dig site on the banks of the Bokuru River, "the place of the ancient past."  
Adam's Eve- A Handbook for the Social Revolution, released in May 2006, propvides a history of the woman's movement and the effects of the social revolution on our culture today.  They explore the cultural basis of our decision-making in terms of social style, and aspects for making  informed decisions in personal, legal and financial arenas in our lives today.   The social revolution has  caused the most significant changes in human culture and society in the history of mankind, causing far reaching effects on our personal relationships, financial affaris, families, friends and work environments.  Beginning with the women's movement in the late 60's and early 70's, this social revolution was supported and propelled by federal legislation including the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.  As a result, men and women in America have found themselves in a new culture where women have established careers and personal status beyond the home an d family life.  Our culture has transitioned from traditional roles and values, expanding into new territory beyond the expectations of preceding generations.  The historical, legal and personal issues in our lives are discussed in this handbook to provide valuable insight for both men and women in handling decision-making pertinent to our lives today. Received Foreword Magazine's Silver Award, Book of the Year 2006.
 SHOESTRING-an Adventure in the Florida Keys - Steve Andrews wakes one morning to find his wife is not his wife and she has absconded with all his legal trust and escrow funds, turning them into untraceable gold bullioun.  To meet his financial obligations, he contracts to sell his sailboat to a buyer in Key West.  On his final cruise down the Backcountry, he is befriended by a cormorant who saves his life more than once and in many ways. Published in 2008.
The Journey
Sadie's Secret - a real story - released December 2007 is a fictional presentation of Mike Byrnes' journey from agnostic to believer in the existence of humanoids in the Swamps of Florida's Everglades. The authors explore how the area near Myakka River State Park may have become a state park woven together with themes of belief, spirituality and environmental concerns.  Mike meets and interviews the unusual Sadie Sutton, the oldest living resident of Palmetto County, her friends and the Seminole Indians in the Semoinole Indian River Slough. 
UNCLE JON & STUFFY THE CAT- When Uncle Jon comes to live with his siter, he meets and becomes friends with Champaigne, aka Stuffy the Cat.  Written by Barbara D. Hall & Illustrated by Gary Wein.  Published 2012 for children ages 2 to 102...
 These books may be purchased through this website in the family book store or at, or amazon. com.  Barbara is also available for presentations on the creation of BOKURU titled “A Stroke of Genius,” "Adam's Eve," "Sadie's Secret"  and "The Galapagos Islands - Darwin's Treasure" as well as photography exhibits...  "Garden's of the Caribbean" and "Presby Iris Garden"  also ask for "Award Winning Photography."  Other subjects available...  Available for career day and children's story hour readings of "Uncle Jon and Stuffy the Cat."
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