The Origin of Social Dysfunction:
The Pathology of Cultural Delusion
by Everett E. Allie
Humanity In Peril
       Humanity is a species in rapid transition. However, the progress being made is not uniform. There is a growing chasm between belief and knowledge that might never be breached.
       In the area of technology, we are building machines that increasingly take on the ability to reason, we are on the threshold of moving out into space and beginning to engineer life. Now, the very foundations of fundamental existence have been discovered and a new system, unifying the complete range of physics, has been developed. However, humanity may not be able to advance much beyond where we are today, our progress having been cut short by the savagery, ignorance and irrationality maintained within populations.
       While knowledge and the growth of science and technology have been permitted within the more advanced societies, primitive concepts and delusion still rule all social systems, resulting in self-centered, authoritarian, parasitical systems of control. These institutional systems maintain populations in helpless dependency, buffering the larger numbers at diminished levels of mentality, manipulating perception and, in effect, maintaining the “Law of the Jungle”. 
       The foundations of our social dysfunctions are increasingly exposed to view, but are held intact by our controlling institutions, predominately those of religion and our various governments. These authoritarian systems discourage examination of fundamental premises and quickly move to block any fundamental correction. These pathologies, having plagued humanity throughout the ages, now threaten most life on Earth, as well as our own species, as an intelligent life form.
About The Author
       Everett E. Allie, born in 1933, spent his early life on the family farm outside of Catlettsburg, Kentucky, running away from home at the age of 14. He graduated from Arizona State University, BSci in Sociology, and has been a Social Worker, Teacher and Science Museum Supervisor, among other diverse occupations. For most of his adult life, Mr. Allie has been working on a philosophy and system of approach for addressing the fundamental cognitive pathogens common to all human cultures. This Book is part of that ongoing process.
ISBN   1-58112-732-5            
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